Advantages of Using PVC Pipe vs. Copper Pipe in Plumbing

Flood Damage Need A PlumberMost professional plumbers prefer using PVC pipes instead of the conventional copper pipes when carrying out various plumbing projects such as installing water pipes in houses. Here are some of the core advantages of use PVC instead of copper pipes.

· Planet Friendly: One of the best ways of promoting environmental wellness is by sustainably using available natural resources and looking for alternatives. PVC pipes are made from resin unlike copper pipes that lead to over exploitation of cores all across the globe. By choosing these pipes, you will be promoting environmental health.

· High Chemical Resistance: Copper pipes are prone to chemical corrosion which in turn lowers their durability and effectiveness of facilitating smooth flow of fluids. On the contrary, PVC pipes are unique chemical resistance capabilities which make them a perfect choice for use in agricultural farms that use fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals. If well maintained, they can last for more than two decades without showing any signs of wear.

· Maintain High Water Quality: Corrosion tends to contaminate water as it dislodges metal elements. As mentioned earlier, PVC pipes are non corrosive and so you can rest assured that quality of water that flows through them will not be contaminated in any way.

· Heat Resistance: Copper is a good conductor of heat. This means that copper pipes cannot be used in manufacturing companies as they can facilitate massive loss of heat. PVC pipes are made from top quality materials that are highly resistant to heat. Hence, they are an ideal choice for insulation plumbing projects. Also, they have a unique retardant structure that cannot catch fire. In fact, the material is designed to quickly bond with oxygen molecules hindering further spreading of fire flames.

· Toughness: To save clients money on repairs, PVC manufacturing companies use quality materials that are very tough and capable of withstanding high pressure without fracturing at all. This toughness is achieved by mixing vinyl chloride monomer with water in a special container and at controlled environment. Plumbers can comfortably use them for underground applications in areas that experience earthquakes.

Here is a short video from the Home Depot demonstrating the different types of pipes used for many plumbing projects:

PVC pipes are no doubt the best for plumbing projects. You can purchase them from accredited manufacturing companies or insist the plumber you hire uses these materials.  Kelowna plumbers serving the Okanagan area in BC use high quality materials – book an appointment today by visiting