Trendy Interior Home Renovation Ideas

Whether building a new home or conducting interior home renovations East York, you just can’t miss out on the current home remodel tips for this year. The HandyForce is excited to share their 2016 exudes hot home improvements that not only add curb appeal to your home but are also eco-friendly, require low maintenance and are energy efficient. Here are some of their key East York home renovation trends you should consider this year:

Low maintenance features
The millennial effect has not left out the interior home renovations East York industry with most millennials promoting the use of low maintenance home features. As such, low maintenance counter-tops like those made of quartz have become a favorite for many homeowners. Stainless steel appliances are also getting a low-maintenance makeover from the traditional stainless; they are now finger-print resistant, softer and have warmer finishes.

Mixed materials and textures for kitchens
The year 2016 invites an interesting blend of materials for kitchens. Homeowners are avoiding the traditional polished look and opting for a more eclectic vibe that incorporates one or two different materials. As such, a blend of opposing styles is used to create a perfect personalized space. For example, a combination of crisp white countertops, a vintage kitchen rug, wooden ceiling and a white subway tile creates a perfect Manhattan kitchen.

Greener home
While green living has been popular for several years, homeowners strive to find eco-friendlier ways of living in their homes every passing year. From using LED lighting to installing automation systems to now re-upholstering furniture. It is because the quality of the existing furniture is way better than lots of new well-designed furniture in stores. Additionally, today folks are more conscious about the environmental impact a wasteful society has on the entire eco-system.

Creating smarter homes
There is an increasing demand for smart home products that help solve problems relating to security and creating in-home convenience. Smart appliances such as door sensors, bulbs, heaters turn on and off automatically when triggered by particular actions. Additionally, smart devices for homes are energy efficient; thus, you don’t have to worry about increased utility bills.

Get rid of the bathtub
Gone are the days when the shower-tub combination was preferred in a East York bathroom renovation. Today, interior homeowners and the Handyman East York prefer to create separate spaces for the tub and the shower or ditching the tub altogether; walk-in showers tiled in with glass doors have become a popular choice.

Bathrooms go natural
This year Stone tops have been dubbed cold and drab. As such, designers are promoting the use of timber tops to create a warmer and natural feel. Additionally, the use of statement bathroom mirrors instead of the traditional rectangular mirror has become popular. It helps create an authentic space with a touch of elegance in the often overlooked space- the bathroom.

Adding marble accents
Marble accents may be quite pricey for most homeowners, but small touches of luxury like planters, wall clocks, coasters and candle holders create trendy spaces. Such simple accents create a stylish home without having to break the bank.

With such stylish home renovation ideas, there’s no way any homeowner will continue living in an outdated space.

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