Hardwoods from Indonesia

Certified Hardwood webHardwood, as in hardwood flooring, decks etc. a selection of which can be found at Kayu, Canada, comes from many places in the world with the hardest and densest of hard wood springing from tropical forests. One such source is Indonesia, the seventh largest exporter of timber products in the world. This amounted to a US$10 billion cash crop in 2013.

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country on the planet, is governed by the Peoples Consultative Assembly with 400 members appointed by the president, 100 by the military and 400 publicly elected. Every five years, the assembly elects a president. The boundaries of Indonesia encompass 17,508 islands along the equator, 6,000 of which are inhabited.

The country has 10% of the world’s tropical forests with a year round growing season and ample annual rainfall. It is anticipated that a trade agreement with the EU concluded September 30, 2013 will foster a five to seven percent growth rate in timber production initially climbing to double digit growth in future years. This agreement has also spurred moves to curb illegal logging and land clearance in Indonesia.

In march 2013, the government enacted Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) setting up an audit trail for a company’s supply chain required before they can get an export license. This, in response to EU documentation requirements will speed the granting of necessary licenses.

According to Global Business Guide, “Illegal logging has long been an issue in Indonesia, with over 40% of all timber products being derived from illegal sources.” Further, “Though there is much work left for Indonesia to eradicate its illegal logging issues, positive government policy changes, promising consumer reactions to more stringent verification processes, an existing pool of competitively priced labour and an abundance of natural resources leave little doubt that now is a key time to invest in Indonesia’s timber industry.”

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